Who’s Behind the Brew?

Meet Pam Danzig, Creator of SKINNYJOECOFFEE

Pam Danzig is a real-life Coffee Lover. A fitness enthusiast since age 16, Danzig is a health and nutrition coach who graduated from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.

As a healing food specialist with an emphasis on Anti-aging and Longevity, Danzig searched for the perfect coffee that could provide a multitude of healthy benefits, while at the same time delivering delicious taste. What she found was that one didn’t exist, so Danzig set out to develop  coffee on her own. 

She worked diligently to create not only the best tasting blend but a very nutritious one as well.

Twenty two months later  SKINNYJOECOFFEE, a great tasting , small batch roasted brew that provides the added benefits of a proprietary blend of MCT/ Collagen was born.


Skinnyjoe's Story

Healthy coffee

We created a healthy coffee with benefits

Customers are Raving....

More energy, mental focus, less cravings  

just some of the feedback we are getting....

Cutting edge supplements

Our proprietary blend of MCT/Collagen

is formulated with the highest quality ingredients.